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Hello Phoenicians,


North Valley Cabinets is proud to offer our services to the Phoenix Metro area, specializing in the North Valley. From single family home owners to mulit unit builders we can accomodate your needs. We have the experience to simply update your kitchen or make your dream kitchen a reality. No matter your budget we are sure to have a cabinet line for you. Having long lasting relationships with a network of cabinet manufacturers, North Valley Cabinets offers competitive pricing, trending door styles and color options along with innovative design. North Valley Cabinets has had the privilege to work along side experienced, highly skilled and detail oriented cabinet installers and finish carpenters. We use and refer only the best in the industry.

Hailing from the Midwest and bringing that Midwest pride and craftsmanship to Arizona has led to 17 years of experience. First starting out as a teen refacing cabinets, then refinishing cabinets along with building cabinets and eventually installing those cabinets. My journey as an installer gave me much needed experience which led me to the designing and selling of kitchen cabinets and the decision to have my very own cabinet company. Along with mastering everything cabinetry, being a home builder also gives me the needed experience to see design problems or unforseen issues and the ability to keep up with new trends, ideas and trade practices. 

"I will do today, what others won't do tomorrow"



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